I live with two half-wild, mischievous, and headstrong rabbits. They don’t have a cage but roam freely in my (rabbit-proofed) apartment.

Rabbits //  have lots of personality // can live up to 15 years // are not suitable for small children // do not like to be picked up // are very social animals and need at least one rabbit companipn // can easily be litterbox-trained // are very active and need lots of space 24/7 // should never be confined to a cage or hutch // will chew wires, furniture, wallpaper, rugs // need constant access to high-quality hay and water // should not be fed commercial dry food and grains but suitable fresh greens and vegetables // need regular vet check-ups and vaccinations // should be neutered/spayed // are fantastic pets – if you know what you’re signing up for //

Recommended websites // House Rabbit Society (EN) // Kaninchenwiese (DE)